Money Merge Account – An update

There has been a lot of activity on the previous post I’ve made on this subject here: Money Merge Account. I’m not sure whether it’s helping people make a decision regarding these accounts or not. In reality, the only thing clear on the subject is that there is a lot of controversy surrounding it.

About the only real information I’ve been able to glean about this product is that it has some really enthusiastic supporters, consisting mostly of people who are trying to sell the product. This is because of the Multi-Level Marketing scheme that United First is using to market the product. Those who are really pushing the product, for the most part, are those who stand to make a really heft commission on the sale of the product.

There have been accusations of lawsuits surrounding the product, but I have been unable to find any real evidence of this. For that matter, those who have claimed there were outstanding lawsuits have not provided any evidence either, so the reality is that there are probably not any lawsuits against United First surrounding the Money Merge Account software.

At any rate, given the amount of information/disinformation surrounding this product, I urge you to study the issues thoroughly before you make any kind of decision on whether a money merge account is right for you or not.

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