Long Term Care – Prepare for the Inevitable

We all have to face the prospect that we will reach a point, eventually, where we will no longer be able to care for ourselves. In today’s world, you stand a better chance than ever of reaching a ripe old age than ever before. Faced with that inevitability, you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to plan ahead and provide for the future. Long Term Care insurance is an excellent way to do exactly that. This article by Will Jones should give you the basic information you will need to start making some decisions on how you will make those provisions.

Long Term Care Insurance – Important Decision for the Future
By Will Jones

The decision to purchase long term care insurance is a very important financial decision that should not be rushed. Purchasing long term care insurance is a serious consideration with the ever rising cost of home health care and nursing home care. The main reason to purchase long term care insurance is to avoid being a burden to loved ones and also depleting all your financial assets before you die.

Long term care insurance is not just for older people, accident or major illness can require extended care and financial resources. The best way to get cheap long term care insurance is to buy it when you are young and before you have any major physical problems. Long term care insurance is nursing home and in-home care insurance.

One of the greatest risks faced by America’s elderly is the need for long-term care. Unfortunately, by the time most people need long term care, the time to purchase insurance has long passed. There are basically three ways to fund your long-term care needs: self-insure, qualify for Medicaid, or obtain long-term care insurance. The costs of long-term care vary widely. Now is the time to get more information about long term care insurance and find a plan to fit your needs. First, one should gather information on long term care insurance. Online service is a great way to research long term care policies and company offerings. Multiple quotes and same type comparisons are a necessity. Be sure to explore the qualifications sections of each policy as not all are equal. Inflation protection is also needed in your policy with the explosive rise in health care costs.

The cost of long term care insurance depends on your age, the benefits you choose, the length of coverage and other factors. Rather than spending $40000 to $80000 a year on average for long term nursing home care, you can spend a fraction of that cost for a long-term care insurance policy. With the rising cost of long-term care, it’s important to start planning now for your future health care needs. Home care can cost $12000 or more per year (HIAA, Guide to Long Term Care insurance, 1999).

If long term care insurance is affordable for you, you should definitely consider transferring that risk to the insurance company. Long term care insurance is designed to help pay for many types of long-term care, including both skilled nursing care and community based care. Long term care insurance is an important financial planning tool, and it’s important to apply while you’re still healthy.

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