High Yield Savings Accounts

Savings accounts are operated by a commercial bank or mutual savings bank, and are backed by the FDIC up to the limits indicated. Money in savings accounts earn interest over time, helping to grow your wealth. The amount of interest savings accounts earn is dependent upon the type of savings account and the establishment where you save your money. Interest rates are also dependent upon the economy s current condition. In 2007, the national savings account interest rates for bank accounts is about 2%. Many people prefer to save their money in organizations that offer high yield savings accounts. Primarily, online banks are able to provide higher rates of interest for savings accounts. Online Savings Accounts Yield Higher Interest Rates Because an online bank does not have the operational overhead that a physical bank has, they are able to pass along those savings to consumers by offering higher interest rates on savings accounts. Most online savings accounts will also be free, with no minimum deposits to maintain and no fees for depositing or withdrawing money. While some people may have reservations about using an online bank, you can ensure the bank is as reputable as your local bank simply by checking to see if the bank is FDIC Insured. If the bank is FDIC insured (usually up to $100,000 for individual savings accounts), you will receive the same protection from the online bank as you would from your neighborhood banking establishment. How Online Savings Accounts Work If you ve never had an online bank account, it might seem confusing at first. How do you deposit money to an account held with an online company? How do you take money out when you need it? Most online savings account providers operate by connecting your online accounts with your existing bank accounts- which provides a few benefits. First, you don t have to close your existing accounts in order to take advantage of high yield savings accounts. Secondly, with connected accounts, you can easily make transfers from your physical checking or savings accounts into your online account with a phone call or a few mouse clicks! Most online banks also allow you to set up automatic deposit options, and either have your paycheck deposited into the account automatically, or have a transfer from your existing bank accounts into your online savings account done at regular intervals. Taking your money out of an online account works the same way- most banks allow you to transfer the money from your online savings directly to your existing checking or savings account. Some online providers offer ATM cards that can be used to access cash instantly from any ATM, while still others might provide you with checks connected to your online account. High Yield Savings Account Providers Finding an online savings account with high interest rates is quite easy. There are numerous providers- some operate completely online, while others have both a physical, brick and mortar bank and have added an online component. ING Direct: offers high yield savings accounts, interest bearing checking accounts and investment opportunities. HSBC Direct: you do not need an existing account with HSBC to use their savings accounts or other investment products. HSBC accounts include an ATM card for easy withdrawals and deposits from any HSBC bank branch.

Citibank Direct e-Savings: offers a money market account that can be linked to your checking account. Offers online bill pay services and other Citibank online features.

Emigrant Direct: offers savings accounts with no minimum balance requirements and easy transfers from your existing bank accounts to your new online savings account.

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