Health Insurance – What’s coming?

No matter what your political leanings are, the health insurance industry is certain to change drastically after the 2008 political season is over. Whether those changes will be for the better is anybody’s guess at this point. One thing is for certain, though, it will certainly be different than what the campaigners are telling you.

My greatest fear is that it will be run entirely by the government and will become like every other government program: broken beyond repair. While I support the ideal that every person has a right to access to health care, I just can’t bring myself to believe that our government will be able to provide it any better than they do welfare, social security, federally funded housing, or any one of a million other expensive, broken programs. While not perfect, perhaps a system that is funded through tax breaks and run by private industry would be best, provide the right controls are in place to keep those profit mongers in check.

No matter what, though, people need dental and health insurance, and you cannot afford to wait until change comes from Congress to get it. What would you do if you broke a leg, or had a major car accident, or God forbid, was diagnosed with cancer in the next year and you didn’t have insurance? Financial disaster and permanent disfigurement would be the probable result.

I know that health insurance is really expensive, but how much is your health worth? Do you really need to risk your health and well-being to have that bigger house, fast car, or two Starbucks a day. If you do anything in 2008, make sure that you are adequately covered by some sort of health insurance, even if you have to sacrifice greatly to get it. After all, I’d like you to come back and read more of this blog and you can’t do that if you are sick or dead!

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